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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation - What is that?

First we need to understand the world wide web and the millions of websites that have been published across the globe. Like books in a book store or Videos and CDs in a music or video shop, we need to have a system to help us find what we are looking for.

On the Internet, we use search engines to seek out and find what we are looking for, however just like a librarian in a library, you may find that seach engines have slightly different systems to one another.

Lets look at the key basics that most search engines will use to help index your site. First, like the book in the library, the name of the book will be part of determining where your site will show up in search results. This will also be combined with the category of your book, so the library can be broken into areas of books in alphabetical order and may also be placed into popularity catergories.

Search engines will look at the name of your domain name address along with the name of your website pages, your page discription,  key words and content information.

So lets look at a SEO webpage:  Lets say I have managed to secure the domain name seo.com.  This will already help with the search word "seo". To help find my website, I have called the site SEO and the description and key words all discribe SEO.

Description: SEO the latest SEO Search Engine Optimisation infomation and link building for Google Search Engines.

Key word: seo, search, engine, optimisation , link, building, link building, search engine optimisation, Google, Google SEO, information, spyders, reports, submit, index 

Page content: seo.com provides you with the most up to date leading SEO "Search Engine Optimisation" for Google and leading Search Engine Spyders. Let SEO help you index and submit your website with Google and 1000's of leading search engines.

We will start a link building program and partnership with leading companies giving you greater ranking and indexing.

 The examples above gives you the very basics of SEO, however even Google, with its very advanced search engine indexing, still starts with checking these basics.

Google will also Index your site by link popularity.  This is Google's way of seeing how interested other companies are in your website, or what social media sites are linking to  your website.