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Web Editing & Design

Your website is your resume, catalogue, portfolio or may even be your shop front, so first impressions always count. Like a well polished car, your website needs to stand out, grab your attention, be clear and easy to use and understand whilst standing out from the crowd.

"Kiss" Keep It Simple Sells We build our websites using the KISS concept and believe that clear and easy to use websites will capture and retain more of your clients.  High quality images and graphics are also very important; just like first appearances, you need a clean sharp look. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words so make sure it gives the right impression. The use of high quality images is very important, however you also need to ensure your graphics and images load as quickly as possible. This can only be achieved with the use of the correct files and user friendly scripts.

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  3. Websites need to have marketing:  SEO - What is it?

KISS = Simple designs and easy to use; your customers who visit your site should take the least steps possible to get to their desired outcome.   Use this approach on your e-commerce website and it will give you great results.  It's proven time and time again that people are more likley to buy online if the process takes just a few clicks.